"Path of Motus is easily one of the most interesting games I saw at PAX East. The way it examines the player's place within a gaming experience is brilliant, and it also has a meaningful message to share as well." - PlayStation LifeStyle

"A mind-bending experience. Path of Motus will not be the game you think it is when you first approach it, but with very little investment, you'll start to see how talented Hicks is at making a lot out of a little bit." - Irrational Passions

"On the surface, The Path of Motus looks like almost every other 2D platformer. However, it becomes immediately obvious how much of a labour of love this game has been. This is an incredibly deep narrative for a game, proving that it can be done without the need to stretch things out over 30+ hours. If you have a couple of evenings free you owe it to yourself to take The Path of Motus. Your journey will be remembered for a long time." - 4/5 - The Xbox Hub

"The Path of Motus is a breakthrough creation that can not be judged by cold objective criteria. These criteria are another Puzzle / Platformer of hopelessly short duration. The same thing, of course, could be claimed for several other creations like Inside, Black the Fall or Limbo. So those who see the Path of Motus completely cold and superficial will miss one of the most "mature" indie games of the year." - 7.7/10 - IGN (translated from Greek)

"The Path of Motus is a product that stands out from your average indie release in more ways than one. A serious topic, unique approach in telling the story, peculiar art and a lively soundtrack are just some of the examples on why you should give this a go. If you're always on the prowl for something fresh and different in the indie gaming scene, then there's no reason on why you should miss out on The Path of Motus." - 7.5/10 - Capsule Computers

"A great little indie game which really got me thinking about things. The Path of Motus is surprisingly a rather deep game if you take on board what is being portrayed through this cute indie puzzle-platformer." - 8/10 - GamePitt

"The game The Path of Motus deals with an enormously important topic - depression; and in my opinion it's very good. Each of us has dreams and hobbies that we want to make a career, but as soon as you take the first job and first paycheck you are trapped in the system. Then after your salary increase and new car you build a house and you're already in the hamster wheel of our time. For me, The Path of Motus is a game that shows your dreams can be lived and pursued; it is not too late to turn your life into the dream. It is a mandatory play for every mature adult and their children. Here you can take something for life." - MDEGaming (translated from German)

"A splendid game with a strong message. Michael Hicks crafts a wonderfully beautiful game; every gamer should play it." - 5/5 - CoreGamerzInc

"The Path of Motus delivers fresh and challenging puzzles that take some thinking from even the keenest of players. While the graphics and gameplay might not seem inviting at first, they are actually highly endearing, and everything has a lot of heart and soul put into it, from the environments all the way to the game's soundtrack. The narrative in this title is powerful, and while the overall story might come off as naive, it has a very real, personal touch to it that makes it emotional and thought provoking. As a result, the story of The Path of Motus has one of the most touching, relatable, meaningful meta-driven stories that I have ever experienced." - 9/10 - Gabriel Valdez (Games Writer at mxdwn Games)

"Ok so I said a few months ago that I had played the most brilliant game I've ever played, but that's no longer. Today I played The Path of Motus. Absolutely brilliant work. I needed this right at this time in life." - Solanimus (game developer)

"The Path of Motus highlights issues that are widespread in our society, but are rarely addressed despite having seriously damaging impacts. All these heavy subjects are well disguised by the game's colorful visuals and a cheery soundtrack. In fact, if you don't pay attention, you might miss the main theme of the game, altogether. That makes The Path of Motus suitable for all ages, so that even children themselves can form their own opinions on this important subject." - 4/5 - Techquila

"The Path of Motus is full of interesting and innovative mechanics, but it is the message and purpose of this game that is most impressive. Michael Hicks and Goncalo Antunes have crafted a game that tackles the issues of bullying effectively and fairly, not just saying "Bullying is Bad", but exploring the causes of bullying, and giving the player a reason to empathize with the bullies they encounter." - Indie Hangover

"Path of Motus is proof of the very concepts it preaches throughout. By using his determination and learning from his previous failures, developer Michael Hicks has been able to finally flesh out the concept he had in his head since 2012. Those that finish Path of Motus will find themselves better for the journey and motivated to follow their dreams. That type of reward far surpasses the amount of fun a game can bring." - 9/10 - Digitally Downloaded

"My highest praise goes to the musical score, which combined with the story and the writing gets me to think, which is the goal of MichaelArts and their games at the end of the day. With so many games wanting me to turn my brain off and just enjoy visceral action, it's refreshing to see indie developers who are committed to crafting unique and introspective gaming experiences, reminding us that games as an art form can move us in many different ways." - 7/10 - MyGamer

"Not only does The Path of Motus try to make you a better person, but it does so with a specific idea about what "better" would entail, and not everyone will find themselves agreeing with what it has to say. But those who heed its lessons may find that it has changed their perspectives for the better." - Love Thy Nerd

"Although my journey with The Path of Motus was short, when I put down my controller and went to bed for the evening I was still thinking about the message within. It reminded me of a lot of events in my life that I'd rather forget. Any game, no matter the size and scope, that can drag those dredged up feelings from the hole I buried them in is both a blessing and a curse." - 6.5/10 - PlayStation LifeStyle

"For me, playing The Path of Motus was a really interesting experience. The really successful puzzle tasks paired with a nice story and important message are a pleasant counterpoint in the current games landscape. The Path of Motus is not a Super Mario - but it does not want to be. On the contrary, it creates it's own world and it's own identity." - 3.2/5 - (translated from German)

"The Path of Motus is a fun puzzle platformer with an interesting way of presenting us with an anti-bullying message. The game has a solid art style, entertaining logic-based puzzles, and a story in which you will engage with different stages of Motus' life to better understand what is going on in this world of his. If you're looking for a different type of game, then be sure to check The Path of Motus on PlayStation 4!" - 8.5/10 -

"The Path of Motus is a lovely game about a much-discussed sore subject. In creative ways the developer demonstrates how bullying can have a far-reaching impact on people." - DumeeGamer

"All in all, The Path of Motus is a surprise, both in its hidden challenges and its strong message." - 8/10 - Gaming Cypher

"The game certainly presents one of the most powerful messages of the generation. Loaded on purpose, topics such as bullying, perseverance and dreams are addressed sublimely. At the end of Motus' journey, the question is: Am I doing enough to achieve my dreams?" - 3.5/5 - O Capacitor (translated from Portuguese)

"The Path of Motus does have an important story to tell. It brings with it a unique and interesting art style, some very memorable music, and a well worthy challenge in its puzzle solving." - 7.5/10 - Handsome Phantom

"All in all, I really enjoyed playing The Path of Motus and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to play a game that will have them reminiscing of their childhood. I truly tip my hat to both Michael Hicks and Goncalo Antunes, for creating a simplistically beautiful game, which encourages us all to combat adversity and to follow our dreams." - 7/10 - Bonus Stage

"The Path of Motus is a game I didn't think I would like but really ended up empathising with. If you have been bullied even a little you will understand where this game comes from and it might be taking you down a darker memory lane than other platformers." - 9/10 - Invision Game Community

"This is why I love story driven indie games, because these guys pour their hearts and souls into these games and they have such powerful messages behind them." - 9/10 - lill drissy (Xbox Live user)

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